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October 3, 2011

There are a staggering amount of movies that have been made that range from the deplorable to the divine. I don’t go to or even watch enough movies to be considered an authority but this past Sunday night a group from my church went to see the movie Courageous. The neat thing about this movie is that you can’t mention some multimillion dollar actor to convince people they need to go see it. The content of this movie speaks louder than any celebrity every could. The reason that I went to see this movie when I did, and why I encouraged others to see it with me is so that I could be a small part of the opening weekend that so many people gauge the worth of a movie by. If you are going to judge a movie by it’s opening weekend ticket sales, courageous didn’t do too bad. $8,800,000 to be exact.

The message of the movie however is both priceless and timeless. The need in our society for fathers to stand up and fulfill the role that God has designed them for is beginning to be recognized by the secular media. The only problem is that though the secularist can see the devastating impact the lack of a loving father can have in a child’s life, they are at a loss as to how to counteract the trend. The problem they face is that you cannot endorse the fulfillment of all a man’s selfish desires and expect that same man to devote himself to the selfless task of being a dad. Any fool can be a biological father, but it takes something more to be a dad. The focus of the film is to call men to fulfill their God given duties to nurture and protect their children as they love their wives. A more timely topic would be hard to find.