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Mud In My Office

September 29, 2018

I am writing to point out that there have been numerous times over the past several years that there has been mud left in my office after the Wednesday night prayer service.  You might assume that this is a complaint but rather it is something that makes me smile and praise God.  The reason is simple.  After the Wednesday night bible lesson at church, the men gather in my office to pray.  That there is mud in my office means that there are men sharing their needs with one another and bringing them before the creator.  Mud in my office means that there are men who God has called to be the spiritual leaders of their homes bowing their heads to be strengthened for that task.  Mud in my office means that men are many times coming straight from work or the field to attend church.  I am proud to say that there is mud in my office because I firmly believe that God’s pattern for the spiritual growth and vitality of a church and a nation is to come through the spiritual leadership of men in the church.