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Another First for America

May 11, 2012

It is beyond incredible to look back over the past 30 or 40 years and see the societal evolution of our nation away from God and His standards.  There are currently 5 states that have voted to recognize same sex marriages and 30 states that have adopted legislation banning same sex marriages.  It should be readily apparent that the vast majority of people within this great country do not agree that homosexual couples should be seen the same way heterosexual couples are in the eyes of the law.  One tactic being used to change the social opinion on this issue is to equate the plight of homosexual couples to the plight of the black community in achieving equal rights.  This tactic makes the unsubstantiated assumption that the condition of the homosexual couple is one that they were born into.  There is much evidence to show that homosexual tendencies can be overcome but the scientific evidence to show that homosexuality is anything other than a preference is woefully lacking.  It is at this point in the societal debate that our president offers his “evolved” position on the issue.  I find it interesting that the timing of his announcement comes at the beginning of his bid for reelection in November and right before a big Hollywood fundraiser that brought in $15,000,000. (fifteen million dollars!)  We have become witness to the first American president to support homosexual marriage.