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Removing Walls

August 26, 2009

It is amazing to me how much we need each other as humans and how little we are willing to invest ourselves in meaningful, transparent relationships.  I think we learn from a very young age that the goal of relationships is to see how long you can keep people from seeing who you really are, and keep them seeing who you want them to see.  We are trapped in a double life that will not allow us to remove the walls from around who we really are and let others participate with us in real relationship.  The reason for our walls is obvious.  We are protecting ourselves from being hurt by others.  Ironically, the very people that are capable of hurting us are the very people that we need to be healthy,  balanced individuals.  I love what Nate Larkin, founder of the Samson Society, says about relationships.   He says, “Jesus called us to a personal relationship not a private one“. We sometimes think that we need nothing other than our relationship with Christ.  That is obviously the most important of our relationships but we are designed to desire community and without it we are incomplete.  I truly believe that there are very few people, men in particular, that have someone that they can be totally honest with and will hold them accountable for their actions.  Unless we are willing to let other significant people into our lives we will not be able to advance in our lives as believers as quickly or as deeply as God would desire us to.  We all need to pray for someone who can be our greatest fan and at the same time, one who is willing to call us on the carpet when we are not acting in authentic ways.  I am realizing more and more as the years go by that I need other men in my life who care enough about me to look behind the smile and see what is really going on in my life.  without that kind of accountability, I will convince my self and others that things are fine just the way they are.  Once we become comfortable with where we are as Christians we begin to lose ground and go the other way.  Lord help me to be authentic!